• A one page abstract of not more than 700 words.
  • Your abstract document must be saved as .doc or .docx file – other formats will be rejected.
  • Submission in .doc or .docx format, Times New Roman 12, Single space.
  • Submitting/presenting author name should be underlined with contact details.
  • Abstracts will be refereed on originality and content. Selected papers must be presented by one of the authors.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee and a decision reached on acceptance.

Guidelines for Using the CMT Abstract Submission System

For abstract submission click here “CMT SYSTEM.
Upon accessing the link to the CMT SYSTEM for the first time, you will have to create an account in the system. If you have not used the CMT system for any other conference, you will have to click on “Create New Account” and fill in a form with your data (mandatory fields are: new user name and password, name and surname(s) and organization, and you will also have to write a random text prompt to you by the webpage). After accepting the system’s terms and conditions (by clicking on the checkbox at the bottom), you will be able to ‘Register’ and create a new account.

If you did register with CMT, but you do not remember your password, you can reset it by clicking on the “RESET PASSWORD” link on the access page. The system will ask for the e-mail address you used to register and a random code prompted on an image. After entering both values, an email will be sent to your address with a link to reset your password and access the system.

Following your successful login go to the ‘Author Console’.

Click on “Create New Submission” to send us your abstract. In this form, you will have to provide:

  1. The title of your abstract.
  2. A 700-word abstract in English. This abstract will be used by our Scientific Committee to evaluateyour contribution and it will be used in the book of abstracts.
  3. Name of author or authors. Your name, as user of the system, will be selected by default. Please add any other authors when relevant.
  4. Area or areas under which your proposal would fall. Please select the Bilateral Symposium 1, 2 OR 3.
  5. Any eventual files you may want to send us. You do not need to use this field, as your proposal may be submitted with no additional file.
  6. Do you want to present an oral paper or a poster? The Scientific Committee will apply different criteria to poster and oral paper submission. By selecting one of these options, you will help us to proceed with your proposal. There is also a selection for Inivted and Keynote.

After filling in all relevant details, you may click on ‘Submit’ to introduce your abstract in the system.

You will then access a page to add any relevant conflicts of interest. If any of the members of our Scientific Committee was your PhD supervisor or is working in the same research team, please let us know to prevent any bias in the evaluation process.

After saving conflicts, a submission summary will be shown. You do not need to take any further steps, as this means your abstract has been duly submitted. An email will be sent to your address once you submit your abstract.  A further email with notification of abstract acceptance for oral or poster presentation will be sent to you by 23 June 2018.

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